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Métrologie ScientifiqueScientific Metrology OIML weights from 1 mg to 50 kg in E0, E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2 et M3 classes. Masses from 100 kg to 2 t in E, F et M classes.
Métrologie légaleLegal MetrologyOIML weights and French model in M1 M2 et M3 classes.
These weigts cannot be calibrated.
Calibration and serviceCalibration & serviceAccredited COFRAC the CEI 17025, our laboratories can answer in all types of requests, 0,1 mg in 2 tons.

Accessoires-zwiebelAccessoriesOur accessories are specially designed to guarantee the use and the conservation of your weights and masses.
Poids et masses sur mesuresSpecial weightsWe accompany you in the definition, the study and the realization of your weights and specific masses including the choice of caskets and suitcases.
Balances électronique et robervalScales We are capable of supplying you upon request a wide range of electronic and Roberval scales.


Traçabilité de vos étalonnages


Weights and masses in compliance with OIML R111

ZWIEBEL, the leading French manufacturer of precision weights and masses that comply with the international R111-2004 recommendation of the OIML (International Organisation for Legal Metrology). Our weights and masses are made out of stainless steel, brass or cast iron.

ZWIEBEL is able to meet all types of requests, from 0.1mg to 2 tonnes, for all classes (E0, E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1-2, M2, M2-3, M3). According to the OIML R111 recommendation and depending on their class, our weights and masses are available in monoblock or with an adjusting cavity.

As our laboratories are COFRAC accredited (2-1218), we deliver COFRAC certificates of calibration covering the basic reporting of conventional mass correction, uncertainty and traceability information.  Our certificates are available in various languages (bilingual English, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese).

We insure verification, repair and calibration for weights and masses – regardless of their origin.

ZWIEBEL is also there to assist you in defining, studying and producing your specific weights and masses.

Our experience enables us to propose any type of material, shape and composition, finish, tolerance, identification and customization of special weights. We can also provide accessories and packaging for our products.


Service +

Idenfification par gravureIdentification Identifying the weights and masses is vital for ensuring the traceability of calibrations carried out.
Remise en état de poids et massesRepair / AdjustingAdjusting offers the possibility for a weight or a mass to get a value very close to the nominal value.Repair of weights guarantees the calibration and secure their use in times.
Etalonnage zwiebelCalibration in our Laboratories We guarantee a high level of service thanks to precision equipment, strict methods, good knowledge of environmental conditions and qualified staff.

More innovations

Peinture plusPainting +

Painting increases resistance to corrosion for our cast iron weights from 5 to 2000 kg. For use outside and inside

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Panier etalonStainless steel basket

for rectangular weights of 5, 10 or
20 kg
. These baskets are handled by pallet or by slings ...

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Etalonnage de poids et  masses et services Fitting +

ZWIEBEL accompanies you in the definition, the study and the realization of your specific fittings .

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Masse de contrôleStackable masses for control...

and test from 100 to 2000 kg. These robust masses will help to achieve the static test ...

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Métrologie légaleQuality + range

Zwiebel perfectly understood the correlation between the weights of class E*F and the metallurgical quality of steel. This evaluation leads us to offer you our weights in a vacuum melted stainless steel with a volumic mass 8,0 kg/dm3 and magnetic susceptibility < 0.08 χm .

Robot zwiebel New calibration robot

In order to increase our calibration capacities, our laboratory has invested in a new robot to calibrate E2 and F1 class weights from 1 mg to 1 kg.


Accreditation for calibration of E1 weights

We are very happy to inform you that
we' ve got extension of accreditation for calibration of E1 weights   from 1 mg to 20 kg.

Indeed, COFRAC (French accreditation, member of European Agreement) gave us its validation after a long and rigorous work.

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ZWIEBEL new partners 2016

India Egypt Costa Rica Ireland singapore iran

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Our accessories

For your weights and masses, you can use our handling, protection and cleaning accessories …

These will help you in your daily work …

Do not hesitate to contact us may you need any further information.

Our laboratories are accredited by the COFRAC and benefit from an international recognition.

The ISO 9001-2015 certification strengthens our quality commitment .

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Precision Weight and masses

DO YOU REQUIRE an industrial - or a science-based approach for your needs? Are you seeking quality, effectiveness and high performance?
Zwiebel can satisfy your requirements.




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